Sunday, 26 April 2009

getting nervous

hi all

i am doing a big steam fair next week selling my jewellery and excess craft stuff, starting to get nervous now. it is a three day event at chassen park in urmston where i live and they expect roughly 12, 000 people through the gates

any money i make will be going to our family camping holiday so i have my fingers crossed because the more i make the more we can do on our hols,

not sure what to name my stall i normally sell under bits and willybobs but that is mostly on the net, should i change my name when selling in person. or should i just add jewellery and crafts after it?? i am going to set up a poll so you can vote on it, please help me to make up my mind, with my name settled maybe my nerves will too.

i shall let you know how i have done next week and wether i would do another big event again

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