Tuesday, 27 January 2009

i decided that this year i would make a valentines card for each of my two children, just something quick but which told them we loved them as i think thats what valentines day is about it doesn't have to be for your partner.

the above one is for little girl who loves her pinks
and the one below is for my little boy, who i had to put a touch of pink on because he loves pink to well for the moment anyway

both cards are actually decoupaged but you cannot really see that from the photos

Friday, 23 January 2009

First christmas card for 2009

Just finished my first card for christmas this year, i was very unorganised last year and there is no way i am going to make the same mistake again this year. The card is decoupaged, mounted onto holographic card, and mounted on the left top left side of the card. A blue ribbon has been added with a little tag BEARING... the same picture as the main design for a little movement.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

having a dabble

I have been watching create and craft today and
decided to have a go at a card that Nancy Watt made
as i really liked it and thought that most little girls would too

New year, New blog

Hi all and welcome to my new blog

As we left 2008 and entered 2009 I made two resolutions which I have vowed to myself not to break.

My first resolution was to create at least one of the projects from every card or jewellery magazine that I buy and the second was, well your looking at it, to create a new blog for crafting purposes only. I have been urged by family and friends alike to set up a blog to display my creations and to keep it up to date

So here it goes and this time I hope I can do it.